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House Brews American Wheat Pintail Pale Ale Ringneck Red Pelican Porter  
Limited Time Only Lucky Duck Lager Duck Down Brown Oatmeal Stout Devil Duck Ale Amber Lager

Lost Duck Hours:
Open @ 3:00 PM
Kitchen Open 5-9 PM

Weekly Specials:
Wonderful Wednesdays-$1.50 Draws All Flavors All Day
Thirsty Thursdays-$2.50 Pint of a Picked Brew All Day
TGIF Just Ducky Hours-$2.50 Pints All Flavors 3:00-6:00 PM
Doc's Saturday Special-$8.00 Growler Refills 3:00-6:00 PM

Description of Brews
American Wheat Gold in color with a distinctive light wheat flavor. Served with a lemon or orange for a little citrus zip. Lightly hopped.
Black Duck Lager Schwarzbier or black beer is a German dark lager beer. It has an opaque, black colour and a full chocolatey or coffee flavor similar to stout or porter.
Canvasback Blonde Lager Our Award-Winning brew. Crisp and clean with a pleasing flavor. Goes down smooth and finishes nicely.
Simply May Bock Bock is a type of strong lager beer. Bocks were dark beers, brewed from high-colored malts. Modern Bock can be dark, amber, red or pale in color. Bock was traditionally brewed for special occasions, often religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter or Lent.
Bohemian Duck Lager Carlsberg type yeast which produces a distinct malty profile with some ester character and a crisp finish.
Common Duck Lager Ambedr Colored. Slightly Malty. Silghtly Caramel. Pleasantly Hopped Lager.
Dabblin' Duck Lager Light, pleasant crisp-flavored full lager. This is probably the lightest brew we have made.
Devil Duck Ale The original style was called Duvall (devil) due to its higher than normal beers alcohol content. This is a golden, effervescent light-bodied, crisp, strong ale.
Dog Star Rye Chestnut brown in color with a malty flavor. A clean quick finish. Rye adds a robust complexity.
Devil Duck Ale The Belgian Dubbel is a rich malty beer with some spicy/phenolic and mild alcoholic characteristics. Mild hop bitterness with no lingering hop flavors.
Duck Down Brown Ale Brown in color with medium body. A nice nutbrown ale.
Featherlite Lager A light-colored, light-bodied lager. A simple beer. Cascade hops give this beer a front end flavor. The finishing Saaz hops make for a zippy, crisp finish. Beer light as a feather.
Fezziwig's Celebration Ale Pleasant lightly hopped honey, oatmeal and wheat.
Harvest Lager Pumpkin, Apple and Honey Lager lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Hefeweizen Hefeweizen (pronounced hay-fuh-veyt-sssenn not haffie-vi-zon) is the more popular word among Americans for what Germans prefer to call Weissbier or Weizenbeer. Hefe means yeast and weizen means wheat.
Honey Duck Lager Smooth light amber lager with a touch of honey and a complimentary hop profile.
Longshadow's Winter Lager A copper-colored lager that has a pleasant aroma. Hints of pine, wood and grapefruit notes. Very dry finish.
Lucky Duck Lager Crisp, lightly-hopped light lager.
Marzen Duck Pale, amber lager. Not hoppy. Flavorful and light.
Midnight Rye Deep red to black in color. Pours with nice carbination. The head is slightly caramel in color. Not heavy but full-bodied beer that has a medium hop profile. Slightly sweet, dry rye finish.
Oatmeal Stout This rich full-bodied stout has sweetness from caramel malt. Bitterness from roasted barley. Smoothness from flaked oats.
Oktoberfest Smooth rich flavorful dark lager.
Duck a la Orange A summer lager with the bright flavor of an orange wedge.
Pintail Pale Ale A golden amber glow and distinguishing hop flavor. Full of body leaving just the right amount of Belgian lace on the glass.
Premium Pilsner A pilsner is generally regarded as a different from other pale lagers by a more prominent hop character.
Pelican Porter Very dark, fairly full in body and packed with flavor. Intense, dry tangy character of roasted barley.
Ringneck Red A traditional copper-colored red ale with a rich, full-bodied malt character. Nugget and Cascade hops that bounce around on the palate.
Rolling Duck Lager A pilsner-like lager with a deeper golden color.
Rye Duck Lager Robust complexity. Full flavor with clean quick finish.
Summer Duck Delite This brew is extremely light-colored, light in body and high in carbonation. Flavor is a mild citrus and bitterness is very low.
Weizenbock Deep amber colored lager. Pours with a mild head that laces the glass. Moderate and inviting hop aroma, mild alcohol aroma. Slight taste of caramel sweetness. Crisp wheatiness and a strong but not stout finish.
Whitecap White IPA Light and citrusy. Mildly hoppy with a grapefruit finish.
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